The Features of CSS vs CSS3

I not very deep into it but I know CSS. Just wondering what CSS3 is all about. Can anyone enlighten me on this matter and also if there are free tutorial sites for CSS3 then I would appreciated it.

CSS3 is a newer version of CSS with some handy new features like rounded corners, gradients and a lot more. It is still in development, though, and has a long way to go. Some browsers have started to implement it, so you can, for example, use rounded corners in the latest version of each main browser (even IE), but of course the effect won’t happen in older browsers.

Beyond that, though, your question is too general. There is a ton of information online, including whole sites dedicated to the topic, so do some reading, and then post some more specific questions if you have any. :slight_smile:

CSS3 is CSS, it is just those parts of CSS that were either left out of CSS2 or removed in CSS2.1 as taking too long for browsers to implement (after all it is only with IE9 that Microsoft has finally implemented about as much of CSS2.1 as the other browsers have).