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Question is regarding a ".com" domain.

I wanted to sell a theme of Magento, which is a content management system.

I have booked a domain that carries the word "Magento". I am not writing the actual domain due to certain reason, but let's assume a hypothetical domain:

Now in the footer, If I clear mention a disclaimer that we are not an online franchise of nor we are endorsed by them in any way, but we are an independent organization that specializes in building Magento themes.

I believe legally I am not creating any issues.

Please guide me, and give me suggestions.

P.S. I wrote to the company several times, but they didn't reply(it's been 11 days) I also tweeted, but no reply.


I don't see any problem - people do it all the time for fan sites and forums (brands like xbox & wii). There's even a (presumably not endorsed by paypal!).
I think as long as you don't claim any affiliation with magento, and don't use any protected trademarks, you'll be fine.
I would keep a copy of your (unanswered) correspondence too, just for proof or your good intent.

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