The disadvantages of changing the location of the server?

Recently, the speed of my website is incredibly slow, thus I want to change the location from singapore to us, I just want to know are there some disadvantages?
If it is not the problem of the location of the server, then what’s wrong with my website? I just couldn’t work it out, any one can help me ?

As long as your customers and the hosting company are on the same continent, there isn’t usually a latency issue.

If the issue appears to be more than just a few seconds of latency, it’s possible that the server has been stressed to capacity.

As long as you are moving to a reasonably well-known hosting company and not a server in someone’s basement, you should be fine.

[FONT=verdana]Before you change hosting company, you should make sure that the slowdown is caused by the server. There might be some other reason for it. Have you added anything to your site recently (such as a script or some embedded content) that might be slowing things down? Are you sure the problem is with the site itself rather than on your own computer (try viewing the site from another computer and/or another IP address)? And so on.

If none of that gets you anywhere, by all means try a different hosting company. But you don’t necessarily need to move to the US. If you are in Singapore, you might be better with a different Singaporean company.


We bought a dedicated virtual server from godaddy, and we planed to put the server in Texas, but Godaddy moved our server to Singapore because we located in China.
I have contacted its customer service, but to remove the server back to US, I have to cancel the current one and buy a new one. And I can’t get access to my server. The customer service said that our server is in high load. What should i do now?

I would say move to a better host. GoDaddy is not a good web host. You can do much better than them, with a hosting company that has its servers just in the US.

Hi lonking,

The bare-bones OS that runs on a VS normally has to share a number of VS spreading the tick cycles between the allocated processors and the total volume of RAM in the bare bones OS. This means that your site could be getting dragged down by the overall number of VS’s that run on the system; eventually the shared resources may run tight.

Have you asked if GoDaddy will provide what aspect of your site is high capacity? Can you validate the Apache logs to see (depending on how the logs are configured) what load exists on Apache. Maybe your running out of Memory? It is important to know why your site is ‘over-capacity’, how else are you going to know what the appropriate configuration RAM/Space/# of processors, RAID configuration, Controller… that you need if you do decide to move it?

Maybe think about using one of the ‘Pay per use’ options that Amazon EC2 (free for 1 year promotion currently running) or Windows Azure. Theses services you can tune with growth and don’t have to think about it in terms of having to move servers as you grow the cloud platform is more flexible that the traditional blade VPS configurations and can grow and be tweaked to your site needs.


According to my knowledge if the servers/ applications are hosted in-house, most of the users can access them via the high speed LAN network which enables them to access the applications much faster.But when they have to access the same application from the co-location service providers via the Internet (WAN) connectivity, users might find the application access slower/ sluggish.