The dark side to internet marketing

I’ve noticed some websites claim to be internet marketing businesses when in reality they are ponzi and pyramid schemes. Some MLM marketers even go as far as to claim they are internet marketers. Am I missing something here?

I thought internet marketing had to do with Google, Facebook and social media.

It’s true … but it’s also true for pretty much any career that is unregulated that people set themselves up and pose as professionals but are just hucksters, fraudsters and scammers.

Internet marketing is particularly vulnerable because (i) very few people really know what it means, or what it should involve, and so are easily taken in by smooth-talking snake oil salesmen, and (ii) it’s a pretty nebulous concept with outcomes that are difficult to measure, no guarantee of success and no clear cause-and-effect linking work done and outcomes, making it ideal for people who are less than honest.

I have seen dozens of people involved in ponzis who don’t do anything but sign people up to make money claiming they are internet marketers.

The internet marketing involved is mainly to get more people to join their program in the hope of making money, and it goes on and on. In many cases these programs involved a certain membership fee, and your reward is ofcorse financial freedom.

I can give you an endless list, but I would rather we did not link to such websites on SitePoint as it would not do the website any favors.

There must be money in it because we all continue to get spammed by them