The CODE wrap button

could be offered in the simple editor, not forcing us to go to the advanced editor just for the sake of CODE wrapping a block of code.

Thanks !

I agree - it’s a bit of a pain. :frowning: We are aware of the issue, and it is on the wish list of improvements …

I find it far easier and quicker to type the generic CODE wrap tags by hand myself, though I agree it’s used or required a lot in some of the SPF forums.

Is there any way to have the advanced view enabled by default, so that this is what you see straight away when you hit reply?

[font=verdana]Not that I can see … you can change whether you have BBCode or WYSIWYG but in the ‘Quick reply’ mode they both seem to have the same limited array of buttons.

And yes, I know it would be nice to have, but it really doesn’t take too long just to type [noparse]


[/noparse] round the text that you want to show as code, or [noparse]


[/noparse] … although I realise that other language-specific tags like [noparse]


[/noparse] take a little but more effort![/font]

Yeah, I normally use

, sometimes several times per post and that is a bit of a pain in the neck to type out.
Thanks for answering though.

Thanks for the feedback and attention.

If you’re using Firefox, there’s an extension called “Clippings” that lets you save frequently-used text, and paste it from the right button menu. I use it for code tags, mention tags and a whole lot more. :slight_smile: I believe there’s something similar available for Chrome.

That’s a good idea!
I normally use Chrome and a quick Google search turned up “Clipper” as the Chrome port of “Clippings”.
I’ve just installed it and think I’ll be using this quite a lot.
Thanks Bear!

Glad I could help. :slight_smile: (The credit should really go to ralph.m, who introduced me to that extension in the first place.)

A fix for this is definitely on the cards, I just can’t give an eta as it’s pretty low priority.