The best way to optimize the title?


My question is regarding the best way to optimize the title.

Should the keyword be included in the title ?
How many words should be there in the title ?

I see that on many sites the title is made up of the keywords that the site targets, like this Keyowrd1 | Keyword2 | Keyword3 | and so on |. Is it good or bad ?

Thanks in advance.

Title length 60 - 65 Characters

Keyword1 - Keyword2 - Keyword3 | Brand Name

Will that not amount to keyword stuffing ?

use different and relevant keywords

[FONT=Verdana]Write your page titles so that they are useful to your potential human visitors. If they inform your visitors what your page is about, then they’ll inform the search engines, too. :slight_smile:

Google offers detailed guidelines, if you want them:[/FONT]

Keyword Should Be Included In Title And Its Length Will Be Between 60 To 70 Words.

Make your website title unique and do not copy it from your competitors. Moreover do not repeat words as you must be conscious about the length too. Either start or end with the brand name, so that it will look good to your visitors too.

[font=verdana]A lot of it depends on the structure of your site.

Key things to remember are:

[list][]The title is what people see in the search results, it’s what they see when they bookmark a page, and it’s what is used when a page is shared by social media (among others), so it’s really important to capture the essence of a page and present it concisely and in a readable way. Stuffing keywords in will just put people off.
]The more stronger your brand is, the more prominent it needs to be in the title. If most people doing a search where your site is relevant will know your brand, you should put it first. If the keywords are more important and you have little brand recognition, that’s how you need to construct your title.
[*]Don’t go overboard. You can use the meta description to spell out in more detail what the page has to offer. Make sure you distinguish between different pages on your site and give them all titles that make clear the differences between them.[/list][/font]

I do hope you meant characters there, not words. :eek:

You beat me to it Techno.
Furthermore, the question of the op shows a total lack of understanding of today’s seo, as well as internet marketing basics. He would do well to to learn the basics before starting on a site that relies on seo.

I think only two keywords would be best option. With three keywords limit will be increased.

Hello mxtecsu,
You should put 70 characters in a title. And that keyword should be niche. which is related to your main targeted business. The keyword must be related to your business and you keep in the title. The title tag format like this will be good to indexing of search engines.

About | Important Keywords | Company Name

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