The best tools for twitter

Does anyone have any suggestions to get the most out of twitter?

HI hope this helps you.

I use Twitterific on my computer. I also like [url=]TweetDeck.

On my iPhone, I’ve tried dozens of apps, but really like TwitterFon best. It’s blazingly fast, easy to use and simple.

I also use HelloTXT (and the mobile version) to post status updates so they’ll post to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Thanks Guys! I didn’t expect anyone to respond so quickly and with so many options! I’ll be sure to check them out. If you don’t mind me asking… How are you guys using twitter? Is it for marketing or just keeping in touch with friends?

Second for TweetDeck. :slight_smile:

What is Tweetdeck?

I too have been using TweetDeck. You can follow twittapps for the best twitter applications. I so far have been using it mostly for following other web dev’s to exchange info.

twitter is great… i don’t know what i would do without it

now i know why so many people are crazy about Twitter. must try these options myself. lols is a good site that has loads of tips and strategies for Twitter users.

Thanks Guys!

Has anyone here used tweetdeck?

I also like TweetDeck.

Thank you very much aimhigh, that will be great help for twitter users like me!

Hello All
twitter is a socila Networking websites
twitter is great.I Got More Buiness through twitter.
so i like twitter.

Thanks for sharing this information :slight_smile:

Really like TwitterFon. You will surly get what was you finding.

Twitter banned many third party tools like huitter mutuality tool, so is it intelligent to use such tools??

Thanks guys for all of this info.

tweetdeck :slight_smile: