The 2015 SitePoint Survey

The SitePoint team makes a lot of content decisions. We make educated guesses about what you’ll want to read about, but once in awhile it’s nice to ask you directly.

So tell us, SitePointers: what would you like to read about this year? What would help you at work? What do you find interesting? We’ve put together this short-ish survey, and we hope you’ll let us know.

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering everyone who completes the survey by January 31st a chance to win an iPad Air. No, we’re not limiting entries to US residents — and if the winner doesn’t want an iPad, we’ll work it out with them.

I’ve committed to reading every single response to the survey. I might need a lot more coffee this month than I usually drink…

Fill out the survey here


Perhaps SitePoint could invest in an Atlas to locate some of the smaller countries. Apparently, you’ve never heard of mine.

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Yeah! Don’t be dissin’ Scotland! :smile:



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Have you or your company purchased, or plan to purchase, any of these in 2014/2015?*

You’re missing “None of the Above”, I just selected “Prefer not to answer”.


Heh. Perhaps it’s the penalty for more of you not voting Yes. Presumably you have to choose UK? (I had to choose “Australia” rather than “Straya”, which is where I really live. :stuck_out_tongue: )


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