Thank you for your business

What is the best way to say Thank You to a client after you were hired to design their website?

  1. Hand writen thank you card?
  2. An Email?
  3. A Professional Letter?
  4. Both Email and card?
  5. Do you wait till you get the final check before you send a thank you?

I personally would wait until the job is complete, then send a letter and/or a small token of appreciation (depends on the size of the job).

If I’m doing that, I try to do it at the same time I get my last cheque. Makes it less awkward, plus it’s more convenient than needing to go down there just for that.

I’ve done small gifts before, like chocolates or framed photographs.

[FONT=verdana]Depending on the size of the client company, and also the country you’re in, I’d be cautious about giving a gift, unless it really is a token. Many large companies prohibit employees from receiving personal gifts from suppliers, so it could create an embarrasing situation of the gift is to an individual rather than the company as a whole.

One solution might be to give, say, a box of chocolates that can be shared by the employees within the department or team.

That said, an email or a card thanking the client for their business is always a good idea. And I agree with Shaun that it should be done after you receive the final cheque.


Once they said im hired. Ill thank them for hiring me. Thats all. Do it need to that formal to you?

I think sending a professional email after you are done with the work and payment would be a very nice way to close it.

Sending a Professional Mail will be the best Idea. Even waiting till you get the final check before you send a thank you is also a good idea, first to check everything is accurate and then thank them for their effort.

Honestly if you are doing a design job. Chances are you talked via phone. If you were able to build rapport and find out his interests. Lets say you find out he likes to go hiking. Go to REI and get him some freeze dried fruit. It’s just a nice person touch that says you remember. And in that case I would put a cute line, if you ever get lost in future web page design, give me a call.

Just my thoughts. Great question to ask too.

I agree with DaveMaxwell.
For me reply with E-mail is enough for me.
I has seem some SEO. company in my country has been ask for discount or event not fully pay by Client.

I think you would give a both email and card


On second thought, all has been said, and it looks like the OP lost interest in the matter.
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