TextMate auto close tags

Ok I bought TextMate but a feature I miss is when I type a <p> that it would automatically put a </p> after it. I do not see this option in text mate. I did find keyboard shortcuts but too much work, lol. Did I just waste my money and do not have an option?

How about shft + control + < ?

I’m afraid using “alt” + “cmd” + “.” is the only way.

How about “p” then “tab” Works on mine.

I think you will need to install this Bundle:

fs_tigre, that bundle is great! I’ve installed it as well as the author’s CSS equivalent. Very nice and the shortcuts are super easy to use, which isn’t always the case.

If only TextMate version 2 could implement split window functionality like other editors such as Coda or Vim have, then I’d consider using it as my main editor again. Right now I’m learning Vim so that I can compare it to Coda.