Textarea store and return

Hi all,

I have a form on my site for user registration.
When that is filled in and returned, there is a copy of it in the Admin panel of the CMS (custom built).
I’m wanting to add a field for NOTES, only on the admin side.

I’ve added it in and
if I use the INPUT tag, I can type in, it gets stored in the database and if I save and leave that admin page, when I come back, the NOTES are there.
That is what I want.

But, I want a bigger box, more space so as to more readily see what is typed into the notes.
So, I’m switching from INPUT to TEXTAREA.
When I use TEXTAREA, I type it in, it’s stored in the database, but when I save and leave the page, then come back, the notes are empty, it does not pull those notes back in from the database.

I can’t figure out what I’m missing.
Any suggestions???

finally figured it out.

using INPUT, the php call to the database is in the value=“” part, and the tag is self closing.
using TEXTAREA, it needs to put in between the opening and closing TEXTAREA tags to bring in back in from the database.

Sounds like PHP doesn’t know how to interface with textareas… Javascript knows for example that the .value property will contain the value text, like with inputs.

Though I’ve also seen php code using get/post where the “name” attribute of the textarea worked fine.

<textarea name=“foo” id=“bar” rows=“” cols=“”>MAH TEXT YO</textarea>

$thetext = $get/post[‘foo’]

$thetext is now MAH TEXT YO