Textarea -cross browser compatible?

Hi guyz, I have a one dynamically build form that contains a textarea. The field is required but for some users, they are able bypass that field and submit the form. is it because of their browser version/maker?

How do you force users to fill it out? Javascript? Because anyone can turn off Javascript. Look to use a server-side validation (e.g. PHP)

You need to inform us how you are doing it.

No - it is because you left out the server side validation of that field.

but some users say, they are required to enter data before submit and some says they bypass that field without entering data.

I do servers-side validation. users WHO have problem have their js on.

Then your server-side code is faulty, which I’m not sure how it is because you haven’t posted any code, nor have you posted in the correct forum category. If you tell us what language you are using (along with providing a link / the code for validation) we can move the thread appropriately and actually get people who know what they are talking about, in the mix.

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