Text not floating right in IE


In this wordpress site…

In the upper right it says “Beautiful, Energy Efficient Window Replacements for the San Francisco Bay Area” and is supposed to float to the right. It’s in a text widget (wordpress) that is floating to the right.

Looks fine except in IE. In IE that line is being pushed to the left a bit.

Any ideas? I’m sure it’s simple but I’m not seeing it.


You’re running into a common IE bug. Basically, due to haslayout, the textwidget element is expanding the full width available, even though it’s a float. To make this an easy and quick fix, you can just set the text alignment to right. Normal browsers shrinkwrap the floated element (that holds the text) and as a result it’s appearing all the way on the right. However, when the width is wider, the text (by default) appears on the left. The element ends on the right most edge. So text-align:right will force it to stay over :).

#text-26 .textwidget{text-align:right;}

You’re having some images not appaer though. You have images blocked by your website so on my local copy ofy our page, I can’t get images. So I can’t test if this’ll work, but on the elments with images missing (on your live site), those elements don’t have haslayout. The section of “in home quote”, “wood, vinyl, fiberglass windows” (that one) have their images missing. Try adding this in:

#sidebar .widget-wrap, #sidebar-alt .widget-wrap{zoom:1;}

Thank you very much! I knew it was something simple.

You’re welcome sir :). Did the images not showing “fix” work?

I see the images all the time, so I wasn’t really sure what you meant. Put I put that code in anyways.