Text is running out of div

On this page the text is running out of the div. On all other pages things are fine. I have set overflow hidden on the parent div and li

#content ul li {
    float: left !important;

is what’s causing it. Not sure why that’s floated?

I removed that and on chrome it is working now but FF and IE are still giving me the same result, I cleared the cache on FF, and in IE it was the first tiime I opened the site. So there must be something else as well

donboe, a <nav> tag is not a replacement for a <ul> or <ol> tag. List items cannot exist without a parent <ul> or <ol> tag. Validate your code with an eye on structure. Then the page might have a chance.

Way too many overflow:hidden’s too.

Hi Ronpat Thanks for the reaction

Fair enough. I will replace them right away.

I just count 4. Is that way to many? Sorry 4 should be 5

Thank you in advance

Now #content ul {} is floated left, was that really the case before?

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