Text effects

how do i achieve the β€œ20” effect ? i am familiar with coreldraw and photoshop. any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Let’s clarify: you have Corel Draw and can’t draw the 2 and 0?

The interaction and overlap between the 2 and 0 is what I think the question relates to.

A cheap way to do this is using layers and copying the element and masking off the parts you don’t want. Basically the 2-13 are all on the bottom layer, you put the β€˜0’ on the top layer and create a straight bar to create the illusion of layers. Because they all sit on top of each other the appearance is that it is a continuous flow from the 2 to the zero. The clock sits inside the central part of the zero.

There will be easier ways I’m sure to achieve this but for a cheap and dirty version this would work.