Testimonial Script w/rating star


I’m looking to add testimonials with hopefully star ratings to my website.

Have any of you done this before? or Do you know or any decent looking and working scripts for free or small fee?

I’ve found these ones from another site, but I don’t really want to for say jump into buying them.

  • I hope I’m allowed to post these…

Or even if any of you’s have such a script available or you can make such a script for me for a small fee then please say.


Does you website currently utilize any type of content management system? Most CMS’s will have an article,blog or addon system which could be used effectively for testimonials allowing user submissions, admin review and ratings.

Nah, unfortunately not. I guess that’s the big advantage of CMS, having Plugins.

Have you considered PowerReviews Express? It’s a SaaS offering rather than a script but brings the advantage of being a leader in the review space.

Without a CMS / Platform you’ll have to find something that bolts in which may be a bit tricky.

Here are a couple examples of how I’m doing my testimonials:


The script is Five Star Review Script at www.review-script.com.

Hope that helps.