Test my new unobtrusive subscription script?

I run a blog and I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers now using modal popups to get people to subscribe. The consensus is that these popups work really well to get people to subscribe, but also that people HATE them.

So I developed a solution that’s less obtrusive, that displays a form to subscribe at the bottom of the page, only when a reader has scrolled to the comments section of the blog.

I want to test that it works across browsers. I think it does, but there’s nothing like testing in the wild to be sure…

Here’s a link to an article. If you scroll down to the end, you should see a very obvious popup at the bottom of the screen.


Did it work? What do you think?

Yes, that worked on Chrome, and I found that the technique is nice and subtle.

However, I am using LastPass to manage my passwords, and when I load the page in IE it scrolls directly to the bottom, with one of those yellow message bars at the top of the page saying:

A fillable form has been detected on this page [Fill form (1)] [Never For This …]

That would become incredibly annoying, so I’m immediately tempted to choose Never for your site.

Just to reiterate, that is an issue only when people use the LastPass plugin for IE.

Interesting – are there any work arounds?

Possibly to rename the name attributes on the form so that they use more obscure names. That way things like LastPass or Google Form Fill, or Yahoo Auto Form Filler or whichever other ones are out there won’t automatically recognise the names.

Not sure that’ll work – the form connects to feedburner, so it needs specific names that I can’t control.

The interesting thing to me is that the form is actually created in real time when the page scrolls past that reply point. How could those programs pick it up before it’s even created, I wonder?

Well, LastPass is free to use so you may want to pick it up and check it out.
You may even find that it simplifies and secures your use of passwords too. [end sales pitch]