Terms of Service - OK to copy another site's for my site?

Just wondering.

Ask for permission first.

Besides the fact that using another web site’s TOS is a copyright violation; the most serious reason not to just copy a TOS is the likelyhood of shooting yourself in the foot.

Properly written, your TOS is a contract with your web site visitors. It creates obligations for BOTH your visitors and you. You will want your TOS to provide you with the greatest limitations on your liability possible, while allowing you to dictate how your web site will be used.

It is imperative that you understand your obligations under your TOS. I can tell you that when I represent a client in an internet dispute with a web site the first thing I do is read the TOS of the web site. More than one-half the time I find the web site is not following its own TOS, and at that point, I have a clear win for my client under contract law.

The bottom line here – spend a few bucks to have a lawyer write you a TOS that not only reflects the way your site works, but gives you the edge you need to reduce your liability.

Finally, a good lawyer will also review your TOS with you to ensure you understand your obligations under the contract you are using. If you do not follow your own rules, you won’t be able to enforce your TOS on your visitors.

I think it is not good for you to copy other sites for you to make your own.It is an illegal way and it’s piracy. With that, you are liable to face a copyright violation. Just do it with your own capabilities.