Terminal on Windows - Alternatives

Hi guys

Terminal on Ubuntu is awesome, it’s built-in tool into Linux, but I had to leave Ubuntu for some reasons and back to Windows.

Does exist any similar alternative for Windows ? Any suggestion ?


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I’m not familiar with Ubuntu Terminal, so I don’t know how similar it would be.

Look for “PowerShell” or “CommandPrompt” (should be under Windows in the Start menu)

AFAIK the prompt line will be
instead of

And it goes without saying, be careful


Yup, its called a vm.running a linux distro.Well I guess unless you’re using .NET…

The only reason windows is even a viable option for development is the advancement of vm technologies. Otherwise its completely useless for anything other than Microsoft development.


I use Cmder and SlickRun

SlickRun lets you create “aliases” to kick off commands you commonly run, Cmder is a replacement for cmd, the default Windows command prompt.

So far I enjoy both and I use SlickRun far more than I use Cmder.


Nice catch, thanks :wink:

Downloaded Ruby Installer, open cmd gem install sass and all is ready :smiley:

Not like Ubuntu, but it would be okay until I buy Mac :smile:


Great news for Windows users



That sounds like an early April Fools joke.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t. It was announced at their Build 2016 conference.

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@cpradio is probably right, but I still refuse to believe it until April 2. :smiley:


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