Target menu URLs not loading w/ jquery

I’m developing a site where the client needs a drop down nav <ul> menu. I’m using jquery to do this and it all works just fine except for the actual href aspect. The drop menu animation is functioning perfectly, but when the actual links are clicked on, the target url doesn’t load. Just trying to get the links to function.

Being new to jquery and javascript, I’m probably overlooking something simple … like event propagation or something.

Here’s the test url. The only two pages I have live are index.php and scp.php so we’ll have to conduct our test by clicking back and forth between those.

The code from my jquery config script file is below:

// drop down menu functionality
$( ‘#menu > li > ul’ )
.click(function( e ){
$(‘#menu > li’).toggle(function(){
}, function(){
$( this ).find(‘ul’).slideUp();

Should I have posted under HTML? This is kind of a gray area since it deals readily with both.

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