Tap targets are small

Hi,. I’m facing a small issue – Google developers suggest a certain sizing for tap targets for easy access in mobiles and in my site share-ask.com/ i get dis error “Tap targets are small “ ,Accessibility issues

Anyone knows how to fix this? I tried lots of ways, but with no luck.

You’ve got a lot of links on that page. Which ones are giving the issue?

Generally the way to fix it would be to provide a bit more padding.

@Gandalf im not sure which ones are giving the issue ,if you know plz guide

If you’re running PageSpeed Insights it should tell you which ones. It also says how to fix it:

The following tap targets are close to other nearby tap targets and may need additional spacing around them.

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@Gandalf Im not expert dats y i need your help

@Atik1: as I’ve explained to you elsewhere, you need to be specific about what help you need. @Gandalf has explained to you that you need to add more padding round your links, and told you how to find which links Google says are affected.

What extra help do you need now?

@Gandalf @TechnoBear can you give me 1 example on my site to how 2 add padding around links ,so i can do myself rest job

Each one is going to be different, depending on its location. You need to go through each of the “problem” links which Google lists, look at them yourself, and decide how best to resolve the issue. For example, it is indicating that your menu and search box are too close together. You might just add a bit of extra padding to separate them, or you might decide to move the search box above your header, for example, to keep them well apart.

The object of the exercise is to ensure your visitors won’t get frustrated by accidentally tapping the wrong link.

@TechnoBear I’ve made padding-top: 240px; does it fix issue now

It’s no good adding padding willy-nilly, and in any case 240px is a nonsense amount to add anywhere.

If you give the full message you are receiving from PageSpeed Insights we might have a chance of helping you. Without it we are all lost.

@Gandalf lol

I already told im not expert
You can check here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fshare-ask.com&tab=mobile

Thanks for the link. It’s not a question of being an expert but following the instructions. If you click on

“Show how to fix” under Size tap targets appropriately

you are clearly shown which tap targets are giving the problem. Just apply some spacing between the element so they are not so cluttered.

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@Gandalf i already tried but its seems nonsense to you

just guide me 1 way to fix dis so i can do rest fix

As I tried to explain to you, the problem links are in different areas of the page, so you will probably need to use different approaches for each. I’ve already suggested possible fixes for the issue between your menu and your search bar. You are using absolute positioning in some areas, so simply adding padding is unlikely to work. You need to look at the code you have and adjust it to give more space, by whichever means are most appropriate.

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It looks as though some of the problems are related to ads which you may well not be able to fix. In any event you have a score of 99/100 which is pretty good.

I would be inclined to look more urgently at the speed 75/100.

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score of 99/100 was bcoz site was down

i tried my best to get 75/100 but its not going up can u guide

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