Taking user's choices

I want to build a user interface, where users will have to make one or more choices and I am using with php as backend language. I will want to pass user’s choices into an array before doing a MySQL querying.
Is it possible to realise this with php, or some javaScript os needed, and how can I do it please!


You’ll need to learn PHP first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Ralphm. Just the second part of my question was forwarded here, the first part was

"Hello out there, I wanted to be able to manipulate (on PhpMyadmin) with user data and I know javaScript is best at controlling user input. I will like to get each word that a user users a #(tag) infront.

My name is #John and I am going to see #Mary.

I will like to get John and Mary and manipulate with the data. Is it possible and how please".

I did my homework and pregmatch, _replace coulddo something. But I was still unable to get the # tagged strings only into an array, and I just need you to refer me some documentation to read more.

Thanks and waiting …

It isn’t - anything you do with JavaScript you have toi redo with PHP in case the user bypasses the JavaScript.

How will you recognise the names in order to know which words to add the # in front of?

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