Take words off of a picture (photoshop) ? how?

Can someone show me a tutorial where I can take words that’s stamped off of a picture?? PLEASE HELP ME

if you want to digitally remove it thats a fairly hard job to do as an amateur and get decent results. the hair will be the hardest bit.

if you have photoshop, you’ll be needed the clone brush - theres a hint :slight_smile:

thanks for your help !

Select the nearby area of the text and start cloning slowly. After that you may have to blur the image to get the proper professional look.


hey AsianGirl, is that your picture? do you own it?

if not, i hope you aren’t planning to re-use it, because the owners might not let you

oh, and they will find out – as soon as they track back to this thread


That’s a vietnamese singer. I’m creating a poster for one of her shows that she’ll be singing in our city and I happened to find this image online. I’m not doing this for any profits so I don’t think I’ll have any problems with it.

you will probably get into trouble, whether you’re doing it for profit or not

my advice is: do not post the picture on the web and do not use it to create your poster

why do you think they put their domain name across the image?

because they don’t want anyone using it!!

if you’re doing posters for her, ask her or her publicist to give you an image that you can use

Whatever program you use, the concept will be the same, cloning to disguise the text if it is merged into the actual picture. However, if it were added on as a separate text frame, then that would simply mean selecting the frame and either cutting or deleting, but I imagine the former is the case. It sounds like you have an image that you probably downloaded or are using from somewhere, and it is not actually your own, so obviously, originators of an image are not going to make it easy for you to pirate their creations. You would probably find Jasc Paintshop Pro easier to use than Photoshop unless of course you are used to using Photoshop. Again, if the text were to be to one edge rather than in the middle of the pic you could simply crop

Check the source of the image online, it is likely from a copyrighted website in which case avoid it at all costs. If you are making a poster for putting up around town the chances are the image is not high enough resolution anyway.

If you have access to other images I’d use them, fan clubs or Flickr searches for non-copyright photos by fans. Publicity photos are often put out for use by promoters so as another poster suggested contact their publicist. If it is a small local singer who doesn’t have all this stuff, I’d try and contact them directly and let them know you are trying to promote them and could do with some material to help you.

This is a tricky area as some artists welcome fan input and effort, where as other artist just want to sue anyone who doesn’t pay for the privledge. You don’t want to be on that side of the law believe me.

If she give proper credit to the original source, then what is the problem in using the picture? She may use the public pictures after providing proper credit.

That will be done using the clone brush tool. Hope that’s not a watermarked picture! You might get in trouble with that.

Use Clone brush + ALT, Click. And Click over the part you want removed. Make sure you click close to the remove part when you define your ALT+Click point.–Although if it’s not your work please don’t steal it by removing a copyright/watermark.