#tag is accepted by Google are not?

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Kindly tell me that #tag in url is access for Google Crawling are not for eg www.domainname.com/#about is this url is allowed for Crawling by Google. whether i can fetch the pages in webmaster and keywords will either increase

Kindly solve the Solution

It shouldn’t make any difference - the #about just points to the id=“about” within the page.


K But in webmaster the pages fetching after the / symbol is [# / About] if i fetch that .Only [/] is showing and saying that submitted for index. If i put bookmarks and Directory Submission is that possible to see the pages ??

It should ignore anything after the # as they are all the same page.

@myetherpool: I might be misunderstanding what you’re asking here, but when you refer to “#tag”, are you asking whether you can add “hash-tags” (as used in social media) to your URLs to influence search engines?

No Iam Asking for the Url Present in Domain I have given example in previous chat that www.mydomainname.com/#/about will crawl in google are not? Then all other pages are similar like that only eg www.mydomainname.com/#/Service etc. Will this url will accept by google and wen i fetch the url wt happends given in previous comment itself

OK - sorry. I misunderstood.

As felgall says, those #markers just point to specific sections of a page, and Google indexes the page as a whole, so you can’t have each of those sections show up as a separate result in Google search. It’s one of the problems with the current fashion for single-page sites.

No the pages are separate and it is not a single page website. It contains 6 pages with #/pagename for all the pages. Now Say it will crawl by google are not? and how can i fetch my pages in Google can you tell me an alternate way please

The example you gave in your first post
is not the same as the examples in your later post.

The first of these is a URL to a specific point on the home page (id=“about”), while the second is to a document called “about” within a directory called “#”.

Which structure are you using? (And, if I may ask, why do you have a # in the URL, if it isn’t pointing to a fragment identifier?)

Sorry friend the Second Url is correct one www.mydomainname.com/#/about and the website is designed by embedded JS. The #tag is created by itself and for SEO it may cause any effec?. If i remove #tag in coding the website is not opening.Can you suggest me the Better way to index all the pages in Spiders

Characters in the URL should not affect SEO - provided search engines can access and crawl the page. But using # in a URL can cause other issues.

The character “#” is unsafe and should always be encoded because it is used in World Wide Web and in other systems to delimit a URL from a fragment/anchor identifier that might follow it.

So if i need my keywords should get boosted the #/pageURL Should be cleared right?. If i put bookmarks and directory now will usefull for Boosting my keywords or pages fetching in keywords. Or i should do this after clearing the URL problem Because adwords are running right now. And thanks for the URL shared of Unsafe characters

Links which you can place yourself in bookmarking or directory sites will have very little effect on SEO. Indeed, most reputable sites will mark user-submitted links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines, so they will have no effect at all. You may still get traffic via these links, but as far as SEO goes, you’re wasting your time.

I recommend reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” for advice on more productive things to look at.

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