Tabs not tabbing

I posted this in the css forum but guess that was incorrect on my part.
It should be jquery.
I only have two tabs at the top of the sidebar. I have a call to a contact form. but for now i just have plain text. nothing shows .
What am I doing wrong?


Thank you

Only you are able to access localhost - the rest of us will have to wait until you post some code that’s relevant to your situation, or a link to a publicly accessible location such as jsfiddle.

Well d’ho! you are so right. sorry it was late and i had been jumping back & forth between the two all day.

here it is you can see both tabs at the top of the sidebar column. thank you for taking a look


If you look at your page in the console, you see the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function (index):302

The offending code is:

  $('.nav-tabs a:first').tab('show');

Where are you defining the .tab() method?

Did you mean to include jQueryUI and forget to?

Hello all. using bootstrap. the same jquery that works for the accordion should also include the bootstrap code but will double check or try some straight up js.
thank you all