While I’m asking question, I have another.
I realize I’m in the middle of css guru’s who probably hate tables done in html, but why shouldn’t you use tables if they work fine?
I am definately not a guru of anything by any standard, but they seem like they don’t have any problem’s besides very ugly code when you view it.
is there a better way? I really run into troubles trying to float things.

It isn’t just that the code is “ugly”, it’s that it often fails to work quite spectacularly.

We had a big discussion about this recently, which you can read at If after reading that, you’ve got anything more you want to say, probably best to add it onto the end of that debate rather than start another one here.

Essentially - tables for layout are bad because:

[list][]they usually need a lot more code to achieve the same effect
]they are a maintenance nightmare if you ever need to add, delete or change anything
[]they don’t play nicely with print stylesheets, mobile browsers or accessibility technology
]there’s previous little that you can do with tables that you can’t do without, and there’s a lot that you can do with CSS that you can’t do with tables. It’s just a case of learning a different way of doing things.[/list]