Table structure question

Hmmm, not sure about this at all…

Think of an instruction manual or a legal document containing sections, sub sections and sub sub sections. eg

Section 1
Sub Section A
Sub Sub Section i
Sub Sub Section ii
Sub Section B
Sub Sub Section i
Sub Sub Section ii

I am wondering how best to store all this, whether in one table using something like the adjacency list model or separate tables for Section, another for Sub Section and a third for Sub Sub Section.

I guess the adjacency list model might be better since it ‘should’ support unlimited number of sub sections.

Confirmation or alternatives requested, please

sample data

|  Section  |  Sub Section  | Sub Sub Section | body text      |   
|      1    |         A     |       i         |  blurb here    |
|      1    |         A     |      ii         | another blurb  |
|      1    |         B     |      i          |  text          |
|      2    |         A     |      i          |  new blurb     |

Thanks rudy.

you want confirmation? i got yer confirmation right here, mate