Table Error! Please make it right, My 2 days has wasted


It will count under grades . It was home assignment.


Well, in that case you best get busy, pull an all-nighter and do as much as you can hoping for the best. You may end up bleary eyed and exhausted but lack of sleep never killed anyone.

Considering the severely limited amount of time you have to improve that mess of antiquated 1990-something code, IMHO starting with fixing as many of the validator errors as you can would be the best use of your time. Especially since nothing put on top of it can be expected to work until the HTML is fixed up.


If the school has taught you to code using these methods, then I think you have cause for complaint against the school. The techniques used here are many years out of date, as I mentioned before. I would sincerely hope that no reputable school or college would still be teaching them.


@TechnoBear Don't tell me about my school.
School says only that make website. And do you means that this language for creating website is closed ? What is the new code instead of that if I am right!


In the early days of the Web, it was very difficult to create interesting layouts for sites. The only way to do it was to use the <table> and associated tags, as you have done here, to position things. But that was always the wrong way to use those tags.

CSS was introduced in 1996 as a way to style a page and create layouts, meaning it was no longer necessary to misuse the <table> tags. So for the last twenty years, it has been bad practice to create a layout as you have done. You should use the correct HTML tags to mark up each section, and then use CSS to create the layout and appearance.


@shivkumar I'm afraid I may not have given the best advice

If your school referred you to the NORTH BIHAR POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LTD site, it was a poor suggestion. It is a very poorly coded site in need of improvement if not a rewrite from square one

In addition to all of that, it has no "footer" that I can see, which seems to be at odds with what you are interested in doing.

If you chose to use that site as a basis from which to start from and are not bound to using it, you would do better to find a better site or start from scratch rather than to fix or use that HTML in any way shape or form.

Since this is a school project, and it seems your primary interest is a footer of some type, I would hope the instructor would accept a bare bones example with lorem ipsum content that demonstrated your ability to code a footer.



Search for HTML5 (and CSS 3).

Also, look into responsive design.


A school teaches a person how to write a web site before giving him a graded assignment to write a web site.

What is wrong with this picture?


Actually I just copy the existing website source code and and make my project after that I will delete this site.


It's enough conversation on this subject.
Let all tell me how to delete the post sent from my side.?


Thanks it was great full information about that..
But my website looking good without css you can view here :


That site is using CSS.


It also has a lot of validation errors!


This is utterly disgraceful of a school academic program. Looks like more of a scam than a school. That HTML is complete and utter garbage. This is the reason I never recommend web development programs. Either go into computer science or graphic design. These days you need to be a computer scientist anyway to deal with complexity of modern front-end applications. The days of just knowing HTML and CSS are nearly gone. Everyone wants their front-end devs to be masters of modern javascript technology which is arguably more difficult than back-end development.


Perhaps it is the teacher who has the contract to update the site and has delegated the task hoping for solutions :slight_smile:

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