Table Error! Please make it right, My 2 days has wasted

My table footer is not showing. Seems like somewhere one tag is missing or error entered. Could you please fix this issue and make footer to view bottom of the page.

Sitepoinr.Com allows to send reply only in 3000 character approx please after making correction send the code on my email <removed>

It’s urgent

The point of forum discussions is that they not only benefit those taking part at the time, but serve as a reference for others who may have the same issues. Taking the discussion out of the public domain and into private messages or emails is therefore not in keeping with the spirit of the forum.

I’m sure members can advise you of which areas need to be changed without having to post the entire code. Alternatively, you can upload your HTML and CSS documents in a zip file.


Have you run the page through the Validator?

Which table footer? You seem to be coding for the 1990s, with tables used for page layout, but I don’t see a <tfoot> element anywhere.


The table error is using a table for layout in the first place!

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Ah luvs me sum layout tay-bellz, yum

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hey Shivkumar,
You probably have a deadline or something and a bit panicky but… aside from this particular problem of whatever’s in the footer not showing… are you (or your team) able to take all this stuff out of tables and use regular HTML instead?

Your tables are nested, that’s a “red flag” that something’s not right.

Can you get time to redo the other HTML to make it less nested-tables and more normal-html? If your manager is any worth, they will give you the time to redo this all. Tell them I said so.


I concur. Not much there but what is there is a mess.

Interesting; over 10 million visitors

Very difficult to tell where all the tables start and end but I think there could be an extra /table around line 496

As everybody says the whole site is very dated and needs to be re written without the tables.

EDIT: You have a closing tag for a form but no opening tag?

You should be able to see now why tables are a bad idea!

I am not getting.couod you please correct it and send me an attachmentUntitled document.pdf (87.1 KB)

This is the table code file Untitled document.pdf (87.1 KB)
View and make this correct. Please and send me again in attachment.

This is the pdf file wherefrom you can view this code. Please guys please help make correct in this and send me back with correction file.Untitled document.pdf (87.1 KB)

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I can see what I presume is the footer which shows a hit counter.

Much of the code that you have posted in the .pdf file is obsolete. XHTML 1 transitional is out of date. Modern devices have no obligation to support it.
According to the validator given by @TechnoBear, your code has 71 errors and 32 warnings when evaluated as an XHTML file.
When validated as a modern file with the validator, it shows 166 errors and 10 warnings.

I recommend that you begin again with a modern doctype and rewrite your page using CSS and not using the deprecated attributes.

The validators point to the errors.

The only way to “make it right” is to rewrite it from scratch using modern HTML and CSS. Using tables for layout is NOT the way to go.
Take an HTML/CSS class, if necessary.

It will take some time.


Dear #ronpat!
Could you make a layout of page for me which same to same looks like my given attchment codes.

I know this is not very tough for you it just about for 15-30m for you.

Becouse you knowledge about. I have not.
Main thing is to make corrections on table layout I wasted 2days but not correct. You can analysis that how much I am duffer.

Could you please make a layout for me that similarly looks like my attchment codes.?

It sounds to me like you are asking for someone on this forum to write your page for you. We are here to help developers solve problems as they encounter them. If you do not know how to write code, and you want someone to write your page for you, then you should hire a consultant. 15-30 mins of work should not cost much, but you might ask first.

Without knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will not be able to maintain the rewritten code any more than you can maintain the code you have shown us.


I’ve always been interested in whether these questions are coming from people who are in school or providing services to paying clients. I can understand these things coming from someone who is just learning and not providing services to paying clients. I can’t understand this level of quality from someone who is suppose to be providing professional services. The context makes me more willing to help people out. People who offer services but provide this level of quality I just rather have them fail miserably. The industry is plagued by people misrepresenting themselves who have no idea what they are doing but get the job because they low ball every job they can get their dirty hands on. I rather not perpetuate that culture but do want to teach people with an interest in improving themselves not just making some deadline.


I’m sorry, but as @ronpat has already explained, a forum is not a free coding service. We are more than willing to help you understand and correct the issues with your code, but we are not going to do the work for you and provide you with working code.

I agree with @Stomme_poes and others, who have said you really need to recode the whole page, using current methods. If you are unable or unwilling to do that, then you need to start working on the code you have. I’ve given you the starting point, which is to use the validator and correct the errors it finds. If you still have problems after doing that, or need help understanding a particular error message, then feel free to post again.

You still have not answered my question and explained which “table footer” is not showing. People will be much more willing to help you if you demonstrate that you’re making an effort yourself. That includes explaining all issues clearly, and providing information when asked.

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@shivkumar it might help us to help you if you explained the background to this. Is it a school or college project? Where did you get this code from? As others have said, we will help but you need to help yourself.

@Gandalf yes, this is my school project. And that date of submission is tomorrow. I don’t know how I submit this without complete.

Nobody help us to send code of layout on my way…

If it’s a school project then it is not going to help you learn if someone does it for you, is it? @TechnoBear already suggested you check your HTML using the validator - have you done that?


Tomorrow!? Sorry if I come across harsh, but perhaps you should consider dropping the class now so it won’t count against your grades and consider it a lesson learned to not wait so long before starting a project.