Table does not render correctly first time with android phone


I’ve got a simple page to show my stats for one of my websites here When I view it on my andriod phone the table doesn’t render correctly in portrait if I flip my phone to landscape then back to portrait it renders okay.

Any idea why it’s not rendering correctly? Thanks

Apart from a couple of semantic issues the only thing i could find wrong was the style tag in the wrong place an a missing closing tag for the <b> element.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking a look. I’ve now got the page to validate, but I still have the issue. Might be the phone.

Thanks again

I have droid and I see no difference when I try what you say. I have portrait mode upon load, flip and flip again to bring it back and there is no difference at all.

I’d grab a friends phone and try it on theirs as well to confirm.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for taking a look. Could you have a look by going here first and clicking through. That’s what I’m doing. Untill I change the orientation of the phone it looks like this.

word1 word2		232

instead of

word1 word2 word3	232

Right now it displays perfect. No words are broken into different lines. It’s basically all like I type below :).

Word word word       number.