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Hi, I just want to ask what if I reaches the limit of records Inserting in mysql table,what should I do ?

Thank you in advance.

In which situation? I mean, if you get to the end, there’s nothing else to list…or to show on the screen, or anything… so basically, you seem to be done.

But that depends on what you’re trying to do and achieve.

So being more specific when you ask, helps :smiley:


I mean if I reaches the limit for example let say the limit of mysql stable can store upto 1 million of records,so if I will insert new records I know this will not insert anymore because it reaches the limit…do I need to archieve and re-create another table ? then how do I query if I am looking for the records which is in the archieve ?

I tell you what we do. We have a database that records all the calls made to our call center. From time to time, the database fills so much that the new calls are not inserted anymore.
We don’t know what causes de problem. We know that it is not the database itself which is able to hold a much lager number of data, nor that it needs more RAM… It seems to have something to do with the software more than the database.

Anyway, what we did is to move the data to another database in a year basis. So everything that was recorded in 2011 will go to a new database and removed from the original, and every recorded in 2012 into another and then we deleted from the original

This is the system the works for us. The software never stop recording the new entry calls since then. :smile:

Now you have to work out the system that works for you :smile:

Off Topic:

Why did you deleted your post? I’m glad I’ve reader… because then I could understand what you wanted


Thank you so much for enlighten my mind. and giving me some idea…I hope others can share what they also they do this kind of problem. :smile:

What you are looking for is called “sharding”, it can be archived on a table basis, database basis, across database clusters etc. If you do a google search on “database sharding” you should find a bunch of articles on the topic.

Though, in your case it sounds more like your worrying about something that you most probably will never need. Using MySQL you can easily have hundreds of millions of records as long as the database model is solid, the proper indexes are set and the servers are configured properly.

An important thing is to be aware of the fact as your database grows, you need to review and possible refactor both the queries and indexes used. The query and indexes that was lightning fast at 100k rows, might be dead slow at 1million rows etc.

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Thank you for the reply, I’m new with this,I will try to search about sharding ?.

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