Tabbed Navigation PSD to HTML/CSS

I am unable to figuring-out the HTML and CSS for tabbed navigation which I have designed in Photoshop, I want it to working in any browser. I am just good at html and css but at this time I am so confused. See the attached image at below so you could have an idea about what I want to make.

Umair Ulhaque


You could make that with the sliding doors approach.

If you make a sprite with a tab longer than you will ever need and then underneath on the same spritemake the rollover version. You can then do it all with one image by just showing the various part of the sprite much the same as the article above I linked to.

There is one awkward part and that is where you have the tabs over a gradient background so you will need to make them transparent which means that you have to make sure the tab image doesn’t overlap itself when you apply it or the image underneath shows through in the corners.