System line in phpinfo

Under “System” field in phpinfo, beside system os and hostname, there is something like “2.6.32-042stab116.1”. What is it? This is release info of what? of php?

Of a host system. In your case it’s the version of a linux core.

So it will be changed in case of linux version update or windows version update on win servers?

Well, pretty much like any other value in this list will be changed, reflecting the actual system state. That’s the very purpose of phpinfo() function at all, I believe.

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What is the difference of PHP_OS and php_uname(‘n’) ? Both returns exactly the same?

That’s strange, the documentation suggests that php_uname('n') should return the host name:

‘n’: Host name. eg.

However if you were asking about the parameter that does return the OS name (which I can’t remember and I’ve closed the page now) the documentation ( ) says to note that PHP_OS returns the OS that the PHP was built on, where php_uname() tries to return the OS that it’s running on now.

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Oops, sorry I meant ‘s’ param returning OS. I did not understand your exaplantion: what is the difference of os php is built on and the os that is running now? Do you mean php built on win but running on linux for example?

I don’t know - have a read of that link.

You can’t run a win version of PHP on a Linux system (or vice versa). You could build PHP on Windows 7 and run it on Windows 10 or build on one Linux version and run on another compatible Linux version.

So, os built on and current os means what? For example php built on freebsd and running on linux?

Might just be different versions of the same OS.

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