Synchronising video with transcript

A client wants to have a number of talks he’s given added to his websites as videos from Vimeo. That bit’s easy enough, but he wants to have interactive transcripts - ie, phrases highlighted in the text of the transcript as the words are being spoken. He has pointed me to a site - - which does what he wants; also has something similar.

Unfortunately you have to register with edX to see the vids in action, although registration is free. I have registered and looked at the source code but cannot make head nor tail of the relevant bits. There are over 2 dozen JS files totalling over 4MB for starters. I have temporarily added the saved page and although the vid doesn’t play it might give some idea.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to create interactive transcripts and synchronise them to a video…

It’s not a feature of Vimeo I have ever used, but would the Subtitles and Captions feature help with this?
I have not explored those file formats, but I imagine they will be CSV-like files defining text and corresponding timecodes.

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Thanks, Sam. That looks worth more than just a quick look!

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