Switched to HTTPS. now getting errors on login

Hey everyone,

Recently installed an SSL certificate on my site. Its a PHP driven site and is still working fine, however sometimes when logging in, the home page will show up without any information.

User logs in and receives a SESSION id which retrieves all of their info from the database. Half the time I log in, everything works fine. The other half, I get no user id and the home page template shows up with empty info fields.

Theres too much code to post, and it seems to work right 50% of the time, but after having implemented the HTTPS, these PHP errors keep surprising me.

Any clue on what could be wrong? Sorry if the question is vague. Thanks!

Another note: It happens equally often using https and http. Seems to be 50/50 working not working.

There are 250 users on this system, and I seem to be the only one getting the errors, luckily im the developer…

Turn on errors (or log them).
Make sure you also use another browser, to check it’s everything OK.

So, you can login? Is the session active?
Make a simple debug with some ECHOs and check what’s into your session.

As idea


// session and login stuff

if( isset($_GET['debug']) ) {
    echo '<pre>', print_r($_SESSION, 1), '</pre>';