SWFOject / CSS Help - SWF nav shifting 'onclick'

Good morning!

I not an experienced programmer, just a designer. I think this is a css issue but it may be a swfobject issue…??

I wanted to make my website iphone friendly so I just yesterday replaced the flash content (the top nav and the right nav bars) with alternate content using swfobject. However I am seeing some issues.

Here is the website I maintain: http://www.tkd-boston.com

The biggest issue - Using IE 8, the right flash nav bar jumps out of it’s “container” whenever I refresh or click another link on the page. (Doesn’t do that in FF6). It seems very obvious with a slower internet connection (like mine) A friend tried it on IE 9 and it wasn’t as obvious because his connection was better, but would shift and hang if we kept clicking around.

I’ve tried absolute positioning the top of the right nav (Sidebar1) in the css but then the nav will jump to the left whenever the page is refreshed. I tried block: inline but it does the same thing. The only thing that I’ve tried that seems to work (at least in IE…I didn’t try in any other browser) was absolute positioning both the top and the sides, but then when I do that it becomes obvious that Sidebar1 isn’t attached to the rest of the objects on the page if the browser is resized - the other objects on the page will shift over a few pixels if you resize the browser to larger or smaller.

This whole issue only started happening when I replaced the flash content with swfobject. That’s the only thing that makes me think it’s related to swfobject. But I just don’t know…

Any ideas on what to do?

If you also see any other issues in the browser you are using, please let me know…

Thanks so much for any help!