Swapping node problem

Hi! I’m kind of new to JS, so I’ll try explain my problem as clear as I can. Suppose I have this simplified function:

var counter = 0;
var labels = new Array();

function abc(text){

   var labelIndex = counter;

   var mainContainer = document.getElementById('mainContainer');

   var labelContainer = document.createElement('div');
   var label= document.createTextNode(text);


  labels[counter] = text;

It’s clear that I’m just creating some divs with text inside them and showing them on screen in a pre-created div (mainContainer). What I want to do is to save each element (text), when the user clicks, for example, a button ‘Save’. That is not a problem, if I write these values (inside my function) to a global array. So in the end I will have something like abcArray[0]=‘1st element’; abcArray[1]=‘2nd element’ - everything’s ok for now.
Now I want to add a function inside my abc function, which allows the user to swap (with places) 2 divs he created:

downButton.onclick = function() {

        function pushDown(div) {
           var next;

           next = findNext(div);
           if (div) {
               div.parentNode.insertBefore(next, div);

On screen everything seems cool, but what about my array - how do I do this? The problem that I’m having is receiving the correct array index to swap the 2 elements. If I use labelIndex variable, I’ll be able to swap the divs just for one time, from that moment everything is a mess, because from downButton.onclick function I can’t access the labelIndex variable to change it .

Any help appreciated.