Swap 2 col stacking order at xs screen- Bootstrap push/pull class or float fix?

No matter what I do I can’t get the right column to push over and stack first at 100% width/small scrns. I tried col-xs-pull/push-12 or col-xs-pull/push-0. I also tried messing around with the div floats, to no avail.

Am I missing something obvious, or do I need to start a Phase 2 of this conundrum? Thx

<div class="row>
<div id="main" class= "col-xs-12 col-xs-pull-? col-sm-8"></div>
<div id="r-column" class="col-xs-12 col-xs-push-? col-sm-4"></div>

Put r-column first, think I got it.

Yes, that’s what’s needed at the moment … until display: flex becomes mainstream.

until display: flex becomes mainstream.

good to know, thank you.