Support to write queries in Non-English (PosrgreSQL)

I am using PostgreSQL and set its locale in ‘English’. The encoding is UTF-8. I am inserting data (eg: table names, column names and other data) in multiple languages in the table but the statements (like CREATE, INSERT, SELECT, etc) are in default English.

Is it possible to write these statements or queries in other languages (like French, Dutch, Hindi etc)? What should I do?

No, those are specific SQL terms. It is like programming (do you program?). You name your variables (in this case, tables and fields) how you want… but the programming statements like IF…THEN…ELSE belong to the programming language itself. They’re not translated.

Those configuring settings that you have are related to the information that will go into or out of the database and the non-tradicional characters that it may accept. Or how to show dates on screen (month/day/year or day/month/year, etc)

Thanks for your reply @molona. Yes, I do program.

I am thinking to develop a tool in which we can write ‘SQL queries’ in other language (not in English) as my final project (if possible) and so took PostgreSQL as reference. I am trying to relate my project’s idea to this one. I also referred some ‘Natural language interface to database’ papers.
Can I include a translator program in some header so that it could be able to translate the written non-English query? Or else how to make it possible?

If you can write low-level code you could create your own non-English database.
AFAIK none exist, you could make a fortune.

Otherwise you could “map” the translations. Tedious but I think it should be doable. And as long as you get permission you should be OK

Thanks, I will try by mapping the translations or insert any translator code in low level code.

It is a great idea for a project :slight_smile:

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