Superfish dropdown help needed

Hi there,

I love your site side category menus.

I download superfish but I can’t seems to adjust the second layer to the right.

I’m doing testing now at my localhost.

Could you show me your css file?


Hi Welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

To view the css of any site just go to the site and then select view source from the browser menu. From there look for the css file and just follow the address to it. If you use Firefox then again select view source and then from the source you can click any css files you see in the page and they will be displayed for you.

Better still download Firebug for Firefox and then you can click on an element to see the styles applied.

Or download the Webdeveloper toolbar for Firefox and use the edit CSS function to view all css in a window to the side.

Most content in a website can be accessed by viewing the source and just following the address to the file anyway.


Paul has got some great advice. And, if it helps, the two files that you want to look at are:

<link rel=“stylesheet” media=“screen” href=“/css/superfish.css” type =“text/css”/> <link rel=“stylesheet” media=“screen” href=“/css/superfish-vertical.css” type=“text/css” />

which can be found by looking at View Source as suggested. However, I actually didn’t create these two files: they were downloaded straight from the Superfish site. What I would suggest is to try use View Source on my site and also on the Superfish site so that you can get a few examples of how the vertical menu works. If it’s still too confusing, definitely write back again.


Hi Paul and Eric,

Thanks for the advise!

Eric- I already downloaded those superfish files that you were saying. Did manage to assign to where i wanted. Now is just left the css and also the effects like your website where like slowly fading in.

Im implementing this on my company website which uses Interspire.

Thanks for quick response guys!


If you need specific help then I’ll split this into a separate thread unless you are already sorted?

Hmm, I guess I need some expert advise. And also whoever having this superfish in Interspire, would like to ask them.

Thanks Paul!

Moved posts to their own thread.

You’ll need to state your problem clearly and what you have tried and post the code that you are using or have tried out. It would be better if you had a link to a live version but you say you only have it locally so we will need code to reproduce the problem as best as possbile.

For specific information in Interspire CMS then you should probably contact the support site as I doubt there are many users here…