Superfish dropdown animation not working as expected

I want the navigation dropdown to work just like this
iXLink | The Neutral Business Exchange for Telecom.
on this site

I have no idea why the animation doesn’t seem to be firing.

Jesus, a person could grow old and die before anyone responds! I found out what the issue is. Seems that Superfish is built to deal with <ul><li><a>text here</a><ul><li><a>text here</a></li></ul></li></ul>
and my dropdown menu is built with <ul><li><span><a>text here</a><span><ul><li><span><a>text here</a></span></li></ul></span></li></ul>
The addition of the span inside of the parent li is why the animation quit.
Once I figure out where to add in the <span> tags to the js I will post back here.

Well, it seems that all I needed to do was move the span tags inside the anchor tags; et viola! the animation works as expected now. So long and thanks for all of the fish! I love these conversations with myself.
PAUL IRISH Where were you when I needed a fresh set of eyes!!! Probably working! For like, money an stuff too i bet! LOL:goof:

Sorry we missed your posts but glad you sorted it anyway.:slight_smile:

Being a professional webmaster one would think I could sort it on my own! LOL
I was really beginning to doubt myself. Thanks for looking!