Super simple CMS with calendar and gallery?

Hi guys,

I’m currently developing a website for a school, with the following requirements in terms of a CMS:

  • Be able to make changes to the main content
  • Add events (to be shown on a calendar) or news items
  • Have a gallery

I was initially going to do all of this myself, but after listening to the boagworld podcast I thought hang on, why not use a CMS like Perch? I’ve checked the Perch site and it’s pretty much perfect - you can add events and news items so easily which is fantastic, but you can’t easily place them onto a proper calendar. Likewise there’s no feature to have a web gallery.

Is there anything else I should consider before just doing it all myself? Just think if I could use a CMS it’d be better for me, but also them as it’d probably be a bit more robust and have some nicer features than something I’d produce myself.

Don’t mind spending a bit, but the school are on a super tight budget so I’m not getting a lot for it at all, so anything above £100 and it really wouldn’t be worth me using it :frowning:


I would certainly have to go for Wordpress, if I were you, the backend is very simple to use, and plug-ins can be found to implement both the calendar and the gallery.

Hope this Helps


I would go with Drupal and use the content creation kit and views to make my news section and gallery.

If you decide to go the drupal route, I suggest you get the O’Reilly book “Using Drupal”. It covers 9 or 10 hands-on website examples that you can build while going over the info. Chapter 2 covers an example site with a blog which could be re-purposed for news, chapter 6 covers a large news centre with multiple writers and chapter 7 discusses a photo gallery.

* The book also introduces some nifty admin modules like “admin menu” that give you shortcuts to the tool you need within on click.

Or, you can use a bunch of ready made news modules and integrate gallery/gallery2.

Nice one, many thanks guys! Some really cool stuff you can do with Drupal and Wordpress it seems, will have a play around with both and see which I prefer :slight_smile: