Super easy "have to share on FB" to sign up, using jQuery. What problems?

Hi guys,

Hopefully this ended up in the right place…

So, I just want the simplest way to do this –> The visitor have to share the page on Facebook to be able to see a signup form.

Does anyone see any problem with this method using jQuery except the obvious fact that the visitor doesn’t need to “complete the share” to see the sign up form…which is a quite big flaw when I think of it…hm, but anyway…


<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

    $("#share").click(function () {


<a id="share" name="fb_share" type="button_count"></a>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<div id="form">THIS IS THE SIGNUP FORM</div>

And also, does anyone know of any light weight alternative way I can do this if I want the visitor to HAVE to “complete the share”?

Having the form in the page already wouldn’t be the most ideal solution as i could very easily change the forms display value to block and have it shown. A better solution would be to have the user click the share button and then use an Ajax request to receive the form information from a server side script eg. PHP and output it in the page which would be a little bit more hetic but fully stop people from been able to see the form at all unless that share button is clicked.

Thanks for the reply and yeah you got a point…

…but how many of you normal day internet user know how to change the display value of an element on a page they are viewing…I dont really know, I would have to google it, but I would guess a bit of java in the url window right?

How would you do to change it?

There is the URL javascript as you mentioned, Firebug, Dragonfly, Webkit developer tools. All these plugins have the ability to show hidden elements within a page.

Overall i would say 60% of all users that browse and use the web are non developers so there’s that margin that no one who visits your site is a dev but if theres a chance they are and there looking for back doors and holes they will find them and use them to there advantage.