Sunspot won't index mountable engines

I’ve got sunspot running on the parent app. When I issue the reindex command, it’s only indexing the models on the parent app, not the mountable engines that have the searchable block in their models.

Can’t seem to find anything on google when it comes to this. Anyone out there have some words of wisdom?


I’ve use Solr/sunspot before but I’m familiar with mountable engines.

What do you mean by the parent app?
Do you have one db server and one solr server?
Are they all running on the same server as your code?

The parent app = the application that the mountable engine is mounted to (root_app).
DB server (software) and Solr server (software) are running on the same machine

Sorry, I haven’t used mountable engines before so I might not be much help with this one.

Something that might be worth trying is to write a custom rake task to index just the models that are in your engine.

rake sunspot:solr:reindex[EngineNamespace::Thingo, EngineNamespace::ThatOtherThing]

The other thing I’ve had success with in the past is to contact the owners of the gem with your question on Twitter.