Sunset pictures

Sunset in east texas on saturday, december the 13th.

Outer Banks (OBX) North Carolina Sunset photo taken Sound Side

Hmm… strange, not use to seeing photos without a lot of flesh in them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, but out of screen size for the second one to me. 640x480 or 800x600 would be great =)

Yes, an ‘unofficial’ rule on the Photography forums is to keep the image size below 800X600. A thumbnail linked to a larger format is great. But in the forum software, large images cause trouble for many viewers.

OK sorry. I made it 800x600 had used the larger version in case someone wanted to use the photo as a desktop wallpaper or something

Awesome pics guys… I think I’ve yet to capture a good one - uninterupted by a city skyline at least. I’ll have to make it a new years resolution :slight_smile:

Northern Germany:

Pikes Peak:

Sunset at Rame Head, South-Western Australia.

Here, the bush gets burned every few years to reduce the fuel for wildfires. The sunsets are the result of smoke in the atmosphere from such a prescribed burn several hundred kilometres away.

Pikes Peak sunset symbolizes sadness

those pictures are great. I suddenly got into thinking and actually can’t remember the last time that I had witness such a good scene… well, I guess working can really take a lot out of yah…

To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, we spend a long weekend [with the dogs] in Cedar Keys Florida (a quaint little fishing town).
Here is one of the beautiful sunsets I watched everyday while there.