Suggestions for storing Grids

I’d like any suggestions to store grids in a mySQL database. At the moment I’m storing them in text files, with each row being the rows of the grid, containing 32 characters, either “o” (open) “u” (angled up) “d” (angled down) representing the grid columns.

The grid is outputted as javascript arrays, each array being a row in the grid, and I read the position of the characters in each row to see what type it is.

I would like to make this run server-side as I’m hoping to allow multiple users, and prevent cheating by changing the javascript variables through the address bar.

Would it be better to store the grid columns in their own database column, or store the 32 character string in their own rows and retrieve a whole row and read the character at a certain position in the string.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

I know with mySQL you can use queries with regular expression, and think it might be better using this method to see what is at column_x row_y but I’m not sure which way to go