Suggestion on implementing an addy wp or dupal img database

Hello all. Am looking into a project where we might want users to be able to post images on a site. Anyone, job bob or whoever can upload an image. Once it is approved it is posted.
Could i get some suggestions on what you think would be the best way about it. Seems that wp will be the plaftform of choice.

Think about your use case a bit. If in essence every image becomes a POST (wordpress) or a NODE (Drupal), you’re going to have a ton of entities assuming you get some traction. While both systems are designed to handle lots of entities, there’s much more efficient ways to go about it.

At least in Drupal, take a look at the MEDIA project ( which specifically targets handling multimedia, especially images, in a library format. Media leverages the File Entity module to turn things like images into individual entities outside the realm of actual full Nodes which is much lighter on the system if you have tons and tons of images. You can also view those file entity->images as individual pages and even add fields to be associated with your image to form a “file type” (a file plus some fields). That might be your best route if you expect to expand quickly and want to bootstrap it.

Of course, this may be a good use case for building something from scratch. It depends on your skill set, resources, and direction.

Thank you Chris, will see what i have to work w/& look you the link you gv me.

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