Suggest some sites like Tumblr to get huge and fast traffic

I want some website like Tumblr. The matter is not about the features of Tumblr. The matter is traffic. Let me clear.
I have set automated posting to tumblr. Every time when a new post publish to my website(my website is about hollywood gossip) it automatically post to the tumblr with linkback to my website. I get some traffics (about 30-40 visitors) per day from tumblr blog. This traffic is very fast and I get this traffic from the first day of my automation setting. I noticed from my analytic people found my blog post from the tags. If you know some other website like Tumblr to get instant and quality visitors please tell me. Please don’t tell about Facebook, Twitter or other huge popular social media sites. Because those don’t work for me. I do the same automation for faceboook and twitter (several facebook account and 1 twitter account).

Thanks for reading my post.

Then do a search on Google or some search engine. This forum is about adding content to your website, not listing Social media sites.

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