Suggest some diffrence between facebook and twitter

i am new to this world so can any one share there feelings

Basically the differences are that both companies have different names, owners & shares. I could give you some similarities if you want… they have same target - to catch as many users as possible, to “connect” people over the internet, to waste your time you could spent on different & useful things like learning, meeting real people, etc.

In facebook you don’t have any word limitation but in twitter are not allowed to write more than 178 characters. In facebook you can upload note but in twitter their is no facility available

Facebook… is for social networking, you can become friend with others. You can also upload pictures, comment on other people’s status and pictures, etc.

Twitter…this all about quick one sentence update to let people know what you are doing. People can follow you without your permission and you can follow as many people as you like without their permission.

Privacy basically doesn’t exist on Twitter. For good or for bad.

Why r u wondering about it? Do you have something to hide? BTW privacy on FaceBook isn’t great too.

I think you should type the site URLs of both sites on address bar and see the difference by yourself.

For what are you asking? professional, or personal. What are you trying to do?

Twitter basically : you have express your views in a line or two…whereas in facebook, its whole loads content your can post, it could be images,videos, an article …likewise…

I have plenty of things to hide… I just make sure I don’t post them onto social media sites.

user can view the content, image,video easily in facebook, whereas in twitter, user cannot view content easily. there is also certain word limitation in twitter to update status.

As Social Media Marketing, both platform have the huge impact to make a product or services or brand name viral. In facebook we add content, pics, join groups etc. and in Twitter we just give any information in just 140 words. Main difference is that.

We seem to have covered the basics here, and the OP hasn’t returned to ask for any further clarification, so I think we can close this thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.