Suckerfish submenu disappears


I am administrating and I am encountering a problem with the website suckerfish menus.

When a menuitem has more than one level submenu items (menu->submenuitem->submenuitem) it is impossible to move the cursor to the last child item because the submenu disapears as soon as the user moves the mouse towards the last submenu item (or after the first submenu item’s text).

The problem is with the topmenu. The left side menu works smoothly.

The problem persists in firefox as well as ie with small differences in mouse motion sensitivity.

I checked for a margin issue (not 0) and similar issues but I cannot locate something out of order.

I would be really grateful if somebody helped because I am out of ideas.

Thank you in advance,


I would like to thank everyone who came into trouble reading my site’s issue.

I got an email from Pure Joomla! support team (which were very fast in replying I ought to say) indicating that in my menu options i should add _menu class suffix because it seemed missing.

It worked very nicely and my problem is now solved.

Thanks again,